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        Directed Mindsets is about bringing out the best in people, their best attitudes, performances, behaviours and their best results.

        Directed Mindsets is a combination of different therapeutic, intrapersonal and interpersonal communication strategies all of which are underpinned by the notions of Creative Synchronicity and Synchronistic Thinking.  By not being tied down by one particular school or doctrine clients receive a far more flexible and efficient approach to creating and controlling their change or development process.

        Directed Mindsets' approach is effective in 1-2-1 and group situations.
        On the surface our lives are the sum of our thoughts and decisions.  However, those thoughts and decisions are given impetus by our attitude towards them.  Indeed, it is felt emotion, expressed as attitude, that often determines the outcome of a performance more than anything else.  Even in complex performances that require particular skill sets, it is the emotive attitude of the agent that dictates the performance. 

        And more than that, it is the agent's attitude towards him/herself which brings about success or failure. 

Where do these attitudes come from?

        Just about all of the attitudes you have towards yourself have come from your perception and interpretation of 3rd party events and attitudes about you.  Your attitudes have been created, developed and conditioned as responses to those people you perceive to have legitimate authority in your life: parents, teachers, peers, employers and others you perceive(d) as "superiors" in some way.

        Quite a number of clients find it difficult to concede that their own attitudes towards themselves are their own biggest hindrance in life when it comes to achieving their wants, needs and desires.  And yet, when they take time to reflect upon their individual successes or failures, they soon discover that the key difference between performances was their attitude toward themselves.  Try it for yourself, think  of all the reasons/ excuses you have found for not doing something in life and contrast them with your reasons/ justifications for taking other actions; wasn't the difference in your perception of your own capability/ expectation/ attitude?  

        Directed Mindsets uses whatever approach a client is most comfortable with to re-condition his or her attitudes.  Ultimately, Directed Mindsets interrupts unhelpful and non-supportive attitudes and replaces them with ones more appropriate to bringing out the client's best performance. 

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