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         Context Dependant Language & Behaviour Profiles: the simple, accurate way to determine and influence the working and motivational traits of individuals.

         There are a number of complex personality typing systems available.  Almost every one of them requires years of training and experience to understand or the use of a computer programme to interpret answers.  As wonderful as these complex systems are, the classifications they offer are generalizations.

         So, a complex system like Myers Briggs will tell you if John and Joan fit into the general classification of introvert or extravert.  And that may be useful to know. 

         However, it it enough information if you are going to employ John and Joan in your company or sell them your product?  Rather than have a general indication of how John and Joan might act, wouldn't you rather have a system that allowed you to predict how John and Joan will behave in relation to those particular contexts, i.e., working or buying?  And more specifically than that, wouldn't you want to know how they will behave as your PA, or why they will buy your golden glock widget?

        CDLB Profiling is the key to understanding, predicting and influencing the behaviour of individuals in particular contexts...irrespective of their personality types.

         Why CDLB Profiling is possible

        Because of the weight of information bombarding our senses at any given moment our brains have developed a filtration system that allows us to focus our attention on particular elements of information.  To do this we have a system of observation and thinking that allows us to delete, distort and generalize information.

        The way we carry out our filtration is always done in the same way in any specific context.  By asking a number of conversational type questions to a potential client or employee and listening to the WAY they answer those questions you can very quickly build a comprehensive understanding of how that person will act or react in a specific context.

        And more than that.  In addition to predicting a person's behaviour.... you will be able to influence a person's behaviour, to act or not act, simply by the way you respond with your words.

        Directed Mindsets offers a full range of Context Dependant Language & Behaviour Profiling services, from individual profiles that assist in future job type choices, to profiles of prospective employees for companies, to training in CDLB Profiling for individuals and groups.  Click here to see our full list of Training Options.

        If you have any questions about how CDLB Profiling will help you and your business employ better quality staff or increase your sales please click this e-mail link.


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