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Neuro Linguistic Conditioning, NLC.

Back in the 1970's a group of academics stumbled into a complete new approach to personal change called NLP= neuro-linguistic programming.  The original intention of John Grinder & Richard Bandler and later Gregory Bateson was to identify the patterns used by three of the world's best personal change therapists, so that those patterns could be shared with others.  What actually happened was-- a new therapy, NLP, was created. 

Neuro = all behaviour stems from our neurological processing of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and feeling.  The idea being that we experience the world through our senses and respond to it mentally and physically... thoughts manifest behaviours.

Linguistic = the method by which we organise our thoughts and behaviours and communicate with other people.

Programming = the way we organise our ideas and actions to manifest results.

Over the last 30 years it has become clear that the idea of programming carries with it a major misconception, namely, absolute permanence.  If one programmes a computer, the change is fixed until the code is rewritten.  Human beings are far more complex than computers and as such are able to add their own code and change the way they are programmed at will.  Thus, in the true sense of the word, programming is not what is going on.  And clients are setup to think in terms of pass and fail-- hence remarks such as, "The programmes not working any more".

Experience reveals 'conditioning' to be a more accurate description of how human beings really experience the process of change. 

Conditioning = offers the prospect of fluctuation which is more inline with human experience.  It makes sense to say: Julie and John are in good condition, they are ready to do what they need to do.  Similarly, it can be said that Julie and John are out of condition.  Condition is something that can be improved and must be maintained. 

Think of the concept of fitness, you would not go for one 10mile run and then announce to the world... "I am fit".   Quite the opposite is more likely.  Physical fitness requires application and monitoring.  So it is with habit change, we have to monitor and check that we are still following the correct regime for us in the context of our lives, now.  Conditioning has flexibility built in.

The Directed Mindset approach to change is Neuro Linguistic Conditioning.  We help our clients to set up a system that supports their needs now and into the future.

It is important to remember that Directed Mindsets has one major definite purpose, to help people create and maintain emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual prosperity.  Which means that when we assist a person to condition a new habit pattern of behaviour we do it within the context of emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual prosperity rather than just limiting ourselves or our clients to a quick bit of behavioural change. 

And that's what makes us different from just about every other personal change practitioners on the planet.         

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