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Client Offers

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        At Directed Mindsets we are dedicated to helping our clients create and maintain emotional, social, mental, physical, spiritual and financial prosperity.  To truly achieve our objective we know we must go beyond 1-2-1 consultations and training and engage with our clients on other levels.  Hence our Offers page.

        As a valued client of Directed Mindsets we would appreciate your taking a moment or two to see if any of the products below are of interest to you.  And if they are, simply order them on line. 

        We dispatch products within 24 hours of order.  We use 1st Class post via the UK Post Office Service.  Because we have no control over delivery speeds we suggest you allow 14 days for delivery.

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Product List

The Following DVD's start from £14-99 each

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Learn Belly Dancing DVDsBelly Dancing 3 DVDs 
A fantastic way to keep your body
looking sexy and feeling fit.
Step by step instructions for all levels.
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Learn Magic DVDsLearn Magic  2 DVD

Excellent fun, easy to learn magic tricks
that will have your friends wanting to see more.
Buy Learn Magic DVD
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Life Coaching DVDs
Life Coaching 3 DVD

Why pay for expensive 1-2-1 coaching?
Everything you need to start turning your life around NOW.
Buy Live Coaching DVDs
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Learn Massage DVDsMassage DVDs: 
Back and Neck Massage; 
Indian Head Massage;
Luxury Facial Massage;  
Full Body Massage.

Everybody loves to receive a massage!  These DVDs teach you everything you need to know to deliver professional massage to your friend, family or clients.
An ideal gift for anybody interested in learning the art of massage at their own pace.
Massage DVD Options
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Pilates DVDsPilates DVDs:
Pilates for Back Pain; Pilates Beginner; Pilates Intermediate; Pilates Advanced
           Pilates for Men; Pilates for Six Pack Abs;  Pilates for Over 50's
While other exercise fad come and go Pilates remains-
Why? Because it meets the needs and requirements of just about anybody looking for a way to keep fit, look great and feel vibrant inside.
Pilates DVD Options
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Street Survival DVDsStreet Survival DVDs:
Surviving a Ground Attack; Surviving a Firearms Attack;
                 Surviving a Knife Attack; Surviving Close Quarter Attack 2 DVDs
We live in troubled times.  And we all need to be able to protect ourselves from those that would threaten ourselves or our loved ones.
Lots of fun step by step instructions,
 a brilliant way to keep fit, and an essential form of
self defence that could save your life.  
Survival Options
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Stretch & Workout DVDsStretch & Workout DVDs:
Stretch for Back Pain; Stretch and Revitalize; Stretch for Over 50's
Firmer Fitter Abs The 3 Day Workout
Some brilliant ways to get yourself fit, stretching to make you supple, and Abs regime that will give you a fantastic 6 pack and the 3 Day workout that you can do anytime any place anywhere. 
Stretch & Workout Options
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Yoga DVDs
Yoga DVDs:
Yoga Beginner; Yoga Intermediate; Yoga Advanced; Yoga for Kids
For thousands of years people have been using yoga as a way of bringing mental and physical harmony into their lives.
Step by step instructions.
Yoga DVD Options
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Hypnosis CDs from £25 each.

For a full list of our Hypnosis CDs please click this link.  CDs are £25 each.  The most popular ones are listed below:
Non Smoker * Weight Loss * Stress * Phobia Cure * Past Life Experience * Rebirth
Guardian Angel * Inner You * Calling Health, Wealth & Happiness * Inner Sage * IBS * Childbirth 
Therapy & Spirit Dolls are £19-99 each or 3 dolls for £44-99

Our therapy and spirit dolls utilize primal human energies to attract positive outcomes into our lives.  For millennia human beings have used representational imagery as a focus for change and inspired action.
Each doll is individually crafted by hand and endowed with positive change energy.  The dolls available off the shelf are:       
Quit Smoking * Lose Weight * Self Control * Phobia Doll * Release Guilt * Feel Good 
Health Doll * Wealth Doll * Happiness Doll * Good Luck Doll * Confidence Doll
Attraction Doll * Expulsion Doll * Home Guardian Doll * Protection Doll 

We also offer a bespoke doll service.  Thus, we supply a group in the south west which uses sage dolls for cleansing.  Another client takes dolls filled with English Grown Lavender for relaxation.  Other recent orders include Resolution Dolls and Inner Strength Dolls for a business in the North East.            



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