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Seminars & Training Courses

        Seminars and training courses can be purchased 'off the shelf' or specifically organised to meet your needs; they can be delivered on site or at an alternative location.
        Prices are available on application.  We really do want your business, so if you would like to discuss your training needs with us please click here and one of our staff will call you back ASAP.
        Our training philosophy is to create practical skills in a safe learning environment.  If theory is required to make sense of a skill or technique it is explain in class, however, it is the responsibility of the trainee to familiarize him/herself with theory in out of class hours.  There is a Socratic Method theory test each day to ensure trainees are keeping up to speed.  This session is a relaxed way of identifying where trainees are and what areas they need to focus on in out of class hours.

        The dress code is: that which you feel appropriate to a professional learning environment. 

Inner Beauty Treatments Practitioner :
All the techniques you will need to set up and practice as an I Beauty Therapist.  From meeting a new client for the first time to booking top up sessions.  How to recognise a client's patterns, how to interrupt and replace them.      
5 Days
CDLB Profiling : General
Lean how to identify and influence key meta programs as they are impacting upon the life of the person before you.  This is an ideal course for anybody that want to be able engage another individual in an interesting conversation and then influence that person to act in his or her own best interest.  Teachers, social workers, would be politicians and any other one on one communicators will find this course invaluable.        
3 Days
CDLB Profiling : Employment Specific
Learn how to identify and influence the major mental processing filters used by the person before you in an employment context.  Learn how to listen beyond the content of an answer and read the way the person before you is filtering information to create motivational and working traits. 
This is an ideal course for those in Management, Personnel and HR type roles that involve employing and motivating employees and staff, junior or senior to themselves.                
3 Days
CDLB Profiling : Sales Specific
Learn how to identify and influence the metal processing filters used by the prospect before you.  Learn how to listen beyond the content of an answer and read the way the prospect filters information in a buying context. 
This is a brilliant course for anybody that wants to increase their pitch to sales ratio; it doesn't matter if they are in retail or direct sales, if they don't know how to identify and influence meta programs, they are missing loads of sales.
3 or 5 Days
CDLB Profiling : Therapy Specific
Learn how to identify and influence the metal processing filters used by the client your with.   Learn how to listen beyond the content of an answer and read the way the prospect filters information in a personal change context.
3 or 5 Days
Life Coaching: Practitioner
Learn how to help people create goals and outcomes that are believable, achievable and desirable.   Learn the art of Personal Power and how to apply strategies for success and change.  Learn about personal change physiology and how to apply it.
If you want to be able to help anybody create a better life for themselves, then becoming a Life Coach is a brilliant way to proceed.          
5 Days
Hypnosis 101: inductions and trance states
This is a practical course that will teach you a number of inductions and deepeners that will allow you to take any willing subject into trance. 
You will also learn the art of taking a person into trance without using a formal induction, i.e. without them knowing they are going into trance.     
3 Days
Hypnosis 202: phobia cures & pain management
A shot time is spent on induction methods before going into phobia cures and pain management for real.  This is a practical course, ideal for those with a real interest in the relationship between hypnosis & phobias and hypnosis & pain. 
5 Days
Hypnosis 303: habits and addictions
A short time is spent on inductions and deepeners before getting into the subject matter.  The emphasis is upon practical work and expectation management-- establishing if the client is ready for change.  Where the client is on the his or her change path and finding the right approach to meet that client's needs. 
Learn when and how to use habit and addiction adjustment and change techniques in deep trance states.   
5 Days
The following short course formats are intensive, fast paced practical learning environments backed by extensive pre-prepared notes for more leisurely review.  They are perfectly suited to introductions, specific content or recap training.  Titles include:     CDLB Profiling as a Closing Tool, Traditional Sales Closes, Essential Sales Rapport, Pain Management Hypnosis for Professionals, Workforce Motivation Session, Coping With Workplace Stress, Dealing With My Boss/ My Staff At Work , Creating Professional Personal Impact  
Expresso Courses up to 20 participants
This is a 5 hour intensive training, backed up by extensive pre-prepared notes so that participants can concentrate on the practical learning and review the theory at their leisure.
5 hours intensive
Lite Bite Course up to 20 participants-same content.
4 groups of 5 people having the same intensive learning for a 2 hour period.  A Brilliant way to keep most of the workforce working while providing training in a specific area such as a self motivation, a single hypnotic technique or basic 1-2-1 rapport building.
2 hours x 4
Lite Bite Course up to 20 participants- different content
4 groups of 5 people having an intensive learning experience relating to one particular part of a whole subject.  For example, CDLB Profiles in education.  Group A learns, rapid rapport, Group B learns 3 motivation filters, Group C learns 3 more, and Group D learns 3 more.  This is a smart way to build trust, encourage communication and reinforce leaning within the workforce- each group needs to be trusted to learn the content and share it with the other groups; the very process of sharing reinforces the learning and increases the likelihood of the training being adopted.
2 hours x 4
Double Chunky up to 10 people
2 groups of 5 people learning two different areas of knowledge.  For example, Group A learns rapid rapport, then group B.  Group A returns and learns workplace motivation followed by Group B. Double Chunking is a brilliant way for people to learn new information without getting bogged down in 'day off' thinking.  Usually held on site, staff go directly from training back into the work environment allowing them to go live with their learning immediately.            
2 hours x4

We also offer the following Home Study Courses

CDLB Profiling

Each week you will receive a full explanation of a number of metaprograms: how to identify them and influence them.  The 8 weekly parts will both challenge and educate you in the most powerful context dependent communication method available.  The course includes 1 x 20min Skype contact after week 5 and week 8 and E-mail support with hints, tips and other helpful links.      
8 Weekly Parts

Each week you learn a new part of the sales process, from instant rapport to getting referrals, from powerful questions to irresistible closes.  Week by week you will build your professional sales personality, your pitch, your questioning skills, your closing skills and your all round ability to sell.  The course includes, step by step rapport building skills, predicate identification and usage, mental representational systems and all elements of conversational selling.  Not only do you get a range of brilliant closes, you also learn how to use them in the most appropriate way for the client before you.            
12 Weekly Parts
Mind Setting for Personal Change

If you want to change your life, then this is the course for you.  Each week builds into the most profound personal profile you have ever built of yourself.  Starting from where you are and how you think, this brilliant course sets you on the path to where you want to be and gives you all the mind-body tools you will need to do the job.  1x 25min Skype session week 3 week 6 and week 12.  E-mail support, hints and tips.  
12 Weekly Parts
Hypnosis & Language

Every good hypnotist is a student of language.  Why?  Because it is with language that formal hypnosis is achieved.  And then, there is informal hypnosis, that is all together a different art, which involves words and movements and breathing and non verbal suggestions that influence others without inductions and deepeners.      
12 Weekly Parts
The Mindset Millionaire

Success leaves clues.  The Mindset Millionaire course takes you through the necessary emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual attributes that are shared by top achievers in our culture. 
Using the Mindset Millionaire tools you will set yourself off in the direction of emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual prosperity and as a result create all the wealth you will ever need.
     Once you have begun to master your approach to inner prosperity you will be introduced to a number of ways that you can create all the wealth you will ever need, recession or no recession.
12 Monthly Parts

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