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        Designed with the busy professional in mind, Executive Express Consultations (EEC) are private, confidential personal focus consultations; each consultation is geared to helping clients get to the next level emotionally, socially, mentally, physically and spiritually.

        EECs are absolutely ideal for busy professionals with issues that need to be aired.  Consultations can be held in the privacy of a client's own home, office or other meeting place and they are available between 5am and 9pm.

        EECs are an excellent pre-meeting preparation because they help clients to focus, centre themselves and control their inner game; which, in turn, allows clients to perform at their absolute best when it really matters. 

        EECs offers clients brilliant solutions for coping with executive stress and other inter and intra personal communication issues such as dealing with difficult staff and employees.

        Executive Stress.

        Today's business professional confronts a unique host of stressors that have no precedent in economic history.  Every sector of the economy faces rapid changes and developments that seem to be happening at breakneck speed. 

        When Outsourcing, Downsizing, Globalization and Instant Messaging are thrown into the mix with demands from Boards of Directors, Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Suppliers, Regulators, New Media and every other Tom, Dick and Harriett with a view, is it any surprise You're Stressed Out?

        Being Stressed Out manifests emotionally and physically: from feelings that tell you...things are out of control, that there is too much to do, that you absolutely have to get things done, that your are overwhelmed... to feelings of anxiety, irritability, frustration and sickness, it is only a short step to exhaustion, burn out, heart attack, stroke and/or death.

        Stress symptoms include palpitations, hypertension, feeling lightheaded, facial tics, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, substance use/abuse from alcohol and over the counter or prescription drugs to illegal ones; they include nausea, diarrhoea, muscle spasms and a whole host of aches and pains.

        Stress is our biological/physiological response to our interpretation of events in the world.  And there is no doubt that it has a major positive role to play in our lives; it can give us drive, and focus and keep us safe in dangerous and hostile situations.

        Stress becomes a problem when we don't switch off, when what's going on outside of us is outwith our perceived  control, when unresolved issues keep churning over in our minds and bodies.

        Most people that go home and fight with their spouse, rant at their loved ones and just feel a sense of anger, frustration and irritation with others that "just won't let them alone to rest "are displaying classic stress symptoms; as are those of us that have to have a drink to unwind when we get home.

        By learning how to manage your stress, you will perform better at work and significantly improve the quality of your own life and the lives of those around you.  You will improve your physical and emotional health and drastically reduce your chance of heart attack, stroke and some cancers.

        The thing about stress is, in most cases, you will be the last person to acknowledge that you are experiencing symptoms---especially if you are male.  (For some reason men seem to be too linked to almost Neanderthal notions of what's macho, apparently being stress is?)

        Are you finding excuses for the decline in your work, rest and play performances?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by work and responsibilities and the need to get things done?  Are relations with your loved ones being impacted by the negative effects of your professional life?  Are you experiencing any of the physical symptoms of stress: palpitations, hypertension, feeling lightheaded, facial tics, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, substance use/abuse, nausea, diarrhoea, muscle spasms or unexplained aches and pains, in your back for instance.

        If you are, or have been recently, then we can help.  Not only that, we would be pleased and privileged to do so.

        Our service is Private & Confidential.  Consultations take place at a time suitable to you, between 5am and 9pm, and at the location of your choice: home, office or somewhere else.

        If you would like to have a consultation at your home or office and you are concerned about having a "counsellor" call, we are happy to call as contractors, sales people or any other type of caller that you feel would not arouse suspicion. 

        Now it's up to you.  If you really do desire to become more effective within your organisation, your family and your other important relationships you will need to contact somebody for help. 

        Even if you decide against Directed Mindsets, Get Help From Someone! ASAP    

        Directed Mindsets offers Stress Counselling, Guidance and Support to business professionals wishing to deal with issues around executive stress, creating a healthful & harmonious work to life balance and constructing an effective working life dynamic.

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