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The objective of Hypno-Experiences is to allow people to explore more about themselves and introduce them to hypnosis without doing therapy or suggesting they cluck like chickens.

        As the British Medical Council confirmed recently, "hypnosis is not a placebo".  Hypnosis is a powerful tool that human beings can use to enhance their knowledge of themselves. 

        There are four hypno-experiences that people find of use to themselves without entering the realms of entertainment or therapy. 

They are:
          Past Life Regression, Re-birthing, Guiding Light and Self Hypnosis.

        Past Life Regression:- take a journey back through your present life to before you were born and re-experience who you were and how you lived.  Explore how, who you were then, has impacted upon your present life and bring back one or two positive major definite learning experiences that will help you live your present life that much better.
        Past Life Regression is a wonderful way to learn more about who you are as a person and grow emotionally and spiritually. 

        Re-birthing:- is a beautiful experience.  A wonderful way to reconnect with the warmth of your mother's womb, to start your life over and begin again.  Experience the very beginning of your life's journey and take the opportunity to refocus upon the astonishing fact that you were born at all.  Find inner acceptance and marvel at your strength, desire and determination to live.
        Notice how those fantastic qualities that gave you the strength to survive against the odds are still with you and are readily available to you when you want them.  Re-birthing is an amazing way to experience the power of hypnosis within your own mind and body.   

    guiding lightguiding lightguiding lightguiding lightguiding light

    Guiding Light:-  Do you have a sense that your life is being guided?  Many people had a sense of guidance which they buried and ignored, are you one of them?  Would you like to reconnect with your guiding light?  Have you ever asked who, what or where your guiding light might be?  Would you like time to commune with your guiding light in a way that isn't usually possible?
        Spirit guides, guardian angels, fairy friends, the small still voice and all manor of different guiding energies have made themselves known through Guiding Light Hypnosis. 
        Some people have described Guiding Light Hypnosis as 'the most profound experience' of their lives because the directions they have received, while communing with their guiding light, radically changed their lives for the better.
        Guiding Light Hypnosis is a warm fuzzy experience for the human soul and an excellent way to experience the power of your hypnotic mind.

        Self Hypnosis:-  Done correctly, self hypnosis can be a powerful tool for you to use to get things done in your life.  In addition to being an excellent way to create personal change, it is a superb way to invent and develop characteristics and characters that you can adopt at any time you need them.  This experience is so much more than unlocking your imagination, this is bringing your imagined personalities and expectations into full reality.  Give your self a new way of looking at life and experience the awesome power of self hypnosis.         
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