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       Hypno-therapy means both, the use of hypnosis as a method for behavioural change or ailment relief, and using hypnosis as a tool to facilitate the application of other therapies such as Timeline Therapy, NLC (neuro-linguistic conditioning) and Gestalt.

        At Last!  Now even the British Medical Council has been compelled to state, "hypnosis is not a placebo" and that it does make a real curative difference to some illnesses and conditions.

        Hypnosis is an essential element in the psychobiology of mind-body healing.  From decreasing recovery times after accidents and operations to reduced drug usage in cancer pain, from curing stutters to changing unwanted and un-healthful behaviours, hypnosis can help to improve just about any issue.

        Be Aware.  Hypnosis is not the great cure all.  However, once most people understand how it works and how to use it they find their lives are better off with hypnosis than they were before they adopted it.

        Being dedicated to the emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual prosperity of individuals, we know there is a likelihood that the following general examples may not apply to your specific situation.  If that is the case, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  Space limitations mean we cannot list every thing we do, only hint at it.
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        Matrix Re-encoding:- sometimes the mind-body gets things a bit confused and mixed up; this causes the mind-body to behave and react in ways that are not, or are no longer, required to meet our emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual needs.  By changing, repositioning and re-encoding the way those behaviours are used within the mind-body's system, we eliminate old patterns and replace them with more appropriate ones.

        12 Hour Habit Busters:- Not every applicant is accepted here.  Would be clients have to satisfy a number of criteria before they are invited to participate, which is why the 12 Hour Habit Buster course is far more successful than other techniques when it comes to breaking addiction patterns such as smoking, pornography and gambling.
        Gentle Birth, Gentle Child:- Just about every study shows that, how mothers treat their unborn children has a impact upon the future lives of those children; smoking, alcohol, drugs, stress and other strong emotional states influence the health of infants. 
        Gentle Birth, Gentle Child has two objectives; firstly, to help manage the pain of childbirth, keeping it to a minimum thus reducing, or preferably eliminating, the need for drug usage.
        Secondly, to create a deep entrainment connection that can be used to reduce parent- child stress levels-- many parents get frustrated and stressed when their newborn cries.  The reaction is quite natural, however, it can often lead to the creation of a negative stress cycle: baby cries, Mum gets stress when baby won't stop crying, baby cries more, Mum gets frustrated.
        By using this simple entrainment technique parents create a powerful calming link with their child that can be used for many years to come. 

        Phobia Treatments:- fears and phobias, more often than not, are inappropriate responses and interpretations of events and situations.  As a general rule they can be blitzed away in one session. 

        Pain Management:- Pain management is about reducing pain perception-- not curing its cause.  It is a wonderful way to deal with mid to low level pain such as aback pain. 
        The usual method of managing low to mid level pain is, pain killers, which is OK as a quick fix.   However, in cases of persistent pain, reliance upon pain killers creates additional problems such as addiction/ dependence upon the drug used and lower pain tolerance thresholds.
        Regular mindset direction leads to higher levels of pain tolerance and lower levels of dependence upon prescription drugs.  Which in turn leads to longer periods of mental clarity and increased positivity.
        Repeated studies across the world demonstrate the power of the mind to impact upon pain management-- and decrease hospital recovery times.  The body of evidence is such that many UK NHS hospitals now employ staff trained in mind direction techniques such as formal hypnosis.
        Directed Mindsets uses formal hypnosis as one of a number of perception management strategies to reduce pain and aide healing.

        Sports Performance:- if you want to perform at your best, then autogenic conditioning in hypnosis is the best method available to any athlete.  Why?  Because for all the fancy monitors and machines available to sport scientists, on the field of play one thing makes the difference--mindset.  Performance hypnosis maximises your ability and gives you the courage to out perform yourself and others.
        What else matters?

        Other areas in which hypnosis produces powerful results include, psychosomatic conditions, anxiety, IBS, self esteem, motivation, weight management, stress, enhancing creativity, accelerated learning, healing major trauma such as abuse, dealing with separation and loss and umpteen other health issues.

        If you have an issue you wish to discuss please e-mail us now.  Or, use one of the contact methods on our contact page.   Or Fill in our message form here!

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