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Inner Beauty Treatments... Just for you!

I Beauty treatments are like anti-wrinkle creams, rejuvenating products and physical exercise: the more you use them the better they work. 

Just about every woman in western civilization appreciates the following: A) a healthy diet is essential to good health, B) a regular beauty regime is essential for great skin, and C) regular exercise is essential if she wants to keep her body looking and feeling great.

I Beauty addresses another essential in the healthful life of women: the need for high self-esteem and a positive sense of self worth and inner confidence.

Some Very Sad Truths About British Women.


As fit and lovely as most women look on the outside, too many have poor inner beauty: they lack inner confidence, they suffer from low self esteem and they lack any sense of their own significance, of who they are as individuals.  In short, they are failing to fulfil themselves in terms of their emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual prosperity. 

In the UK The Daily Mail reported that 75% of women lacked body confidence, and that 60% needed to have alcohol before sex... because they were unhappy with their bodies. 

The European Professional Women's Network reported that 55% of working women don't feel confident about their career development.

Another report shows that 60% of all women lack the confidence to make their own financial decisions in cases not involving shopping.

And another reports that 90% of women feel they are always being judged according to their physicality.

These feelings of inadequacy are manifestations of what psychologists call 'poor self-concept'.

Until now, the only way for women to address such inadequacies has involved visits to a therapist of some kind--the last thing any woman with low self esteem needs is the stigma that comes with, "She's seeing a therapist."

I Beauty is not therapy!

I Beauty is the application of modern science. 


The Science Bit

Science tells us that our decisions and actions correspond to neural pathways firing off inside of our brains.

An example of this might be a song that makes you sad.  You can be happily going about your business when BAM!  The DJ puts on the song and you are transported back to a time or place or event that had emotional significance for you.  You don't remember that it was a sad time, place or event-- you actually experience sadness.  

Another example might be seeing somebody you haven't seen in a while who makes you feel... happy ..sad ...angry.  What happens is-- you experience the emotion.

So what? 

This should allow you to reach the conclusion that emotional responses can be triggered. 

I Beauty helps you to create triggers for all the emotional responses you will ever need.

And, I Beauty helps you to add, alter and correct emotional responses so that you can get away from the pain that they cause, or intensify the pleasure you experience around them.

There's more.

Human beings make sense of the world by a process of distortion, deletions and generalization.  From birth we learn to apply interpretations to our experiences and we start to create stories and evidence that supports our developing view.  Women that get dumped on by a few men are apt to classify all or most men as "pigs".  And men treated in a similar way have a tendency to classify women as "bitches".

Religious people view the world through the perceptual filters of religion.  Criminals view it another way.

Wherever and however an individual fuses together experiences and values and beliefs and behaviours through perceptual filters ultimately they have one objective: the good of the individual; which is the avoidance of pain or the attainment of pleasure.

The really exciting thing about I Beauty is, I Beauty helps you to alter, add and adjust your perceptual filters; I Beauty also helps you to reconfigure your rules for what counts as pain and pleasure.

Which means what to you?  

Who you are as a person, your self concept, your self esteem etc is the result of how you think about yourself in relation to the world around you.  By altering, adding and adjusting your perceptual filters you change the way you experience the world and your role in it.

Take a moment to think about your life as it is right now.  Everything you are experiencing in your life right now is as the result of the way you have perceived the world around you in the past; it is the culmination of all your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, actions and inactions; it is the manifestation of your various attempts to avoid pain and/or gain pleasure.

I Beauty also helps you to understand and use the concepts of expectation, attraction and anticipation to bring about emotional, social, mental physical and spiritual prosperity.  Simply by anticipating and expecting a specific outcome in your life you attract the desired result to you-- if you follow the right procedure.

Inner-Beauty Secrets
shares that procedure with you.


How The I Beauty System Works

Your first I Beauty Treatment will take longer than any other treatment because you have to learn a few fundamentals about how you operate your own perceptual filter system.  This first treatment lasts between one and one and a half hours. 

Top up sessions usually last up to about 45mins, although 20mins can sometimes be enough. 

After three or four treatments you will be skilled enough to administer your own treatments as and when you need them- although you will always find a warm welcome however many treatments you decide to have.

One client described her I Beauty Treatments as being like her anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating creams: "the more I use them, the better they work."

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