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This is My Big Issues Counselling:
Who am I?  What is identity?   Does God Exist? 
Is There Life After Death?


        Of all the questions human beings have asked in the last 10 thousand years, there is one that constantly recurs in one form or another.  In it's present form it is expressed as follows:

        Is there a way to get to God without going through established religions?

        So many people say: "I believe in something, but not what religion has to offer!" 

        Directed Mindsets' Spiritual and Metaphysical Counselling Service makes no assumptions about the existence or non existence of God; neither does it assume there is or is not life after death.  Rather, Directed Mindsets focuses on helping individuals come to terms with such questions in ways that fit the questioner's needs.

        Is your faith in crisis?  Are you seeking a way forward?  Are you asking yourself what faith and belief are in a non religious context?  Are you confused about what you do believe?  Are you just seeking a bit of help to clarify things for yourself?

        Has something happened in your life that is causing you to blame a god, devil, angel or demon?  Do you need to share your thoughts and feelings about the issue and find some kind of inner reconciliation?

        Are you seeking ways to pray?  Does prayer work for people outside of traditional religion?  What counts as prayer? 

        Who am I?  Why me?  Is your moral or personal identity in question?  Are you confused about who you are? and /or what you should be?

        Do you have major decisions or difficulties you want to talk about?

        Directed Mindsets Metaphysical & Spiritual Counselling is a Private & Confidential 1-2-1 talking only service.  There is no hypno-psycho-babble stuff here--Just Good Old Fashioned Talking About Things That Really Matter!

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