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relationship problemsHappy Relationships


         We just can't live without them.

        Some of our most challenging and rewarding experiences as human beings come from our relationships with others.  From the casual nodding relations with people that live in our town, to the full on complexities of familial relationships and all stations in between, we all prefer it when our relationships work.

        What many people seem to forget in our instant gratification world is : To work, Relationships take work!

        Would there be so many divorces, so many stay away fathers, so many relationship failures if we spent as much time working at our relationships as we do watching TV, surfing the net and facebooking, tweeting or what have you? 

        The only person that really knows how much time and effort you give to making your relationships work is you.  The question is... is it enough?

        Directed Mindsets can help you to work on your relationships with others by first working on your relationship with yourself.  Knowing who you are and what you stand for at any given point in your evolution as an individual is of the upper most importance if you are to create and maintain meaningful relationships with others. 

        Relationships are in a state of constant flux, moving, evolving, slipping and sliding in all sorts of directions simultaneously.  As such, the emphasis is upon the participants in that relationship to be fully aware of their role within it. 

Of course their are all sorts of duties and expectations upon people in relationships. It is these unwritten rules that are the strength and the weakness of the relationship.  When they are shared and accepted with-- for the want of a better description-- good grace then the relationship is strong.  When they are used as tools for emotional guilt and control, when they are the cause of resentments, then they are bad. 

        The key question everybody should ask about his or her relationships is:
am I more than I could be if I was not in this relationship?  If the answer is yes then brilliant!  If the answer is no, then some key questions have to asked.  What do I need to do, or not do, to enhance the quality of this relationship such that I am better off in it rather than out of it?  When the analysis is done, only one question remains, Am I prepared to take the required actions or inactions? 

        The Directed Mindsets approach to making relationships work is to help you evaluate your relationship for yourself by addressing the questions set out above.  It may be that the requirements of your relationship are such that you have evolved in a direction that is no longer compatible with that relationship and you decide to let it fade.  It could equally be that you decide to take different actions that send the relationship into a new and exciting direction.

        Whatever you decide, Directed Mindsets will be there for as long as you need.

        To find out how you can improve your relationship with yourself and others using directed mindsetting please
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        Many of the difficulties faced by couples in their relationships are the result of the general get down and dirty involved in making a living, paying the mortgage, and doing what needs to be done to make ends meet.  It's as if the very process of everyday living clogs up their relationship.  The Directed Mindsets approach is to help couples shift their focus slightly so that they can unclog their relationship.    

By taking time to remember the reasons why they got together in the first place, and by using directed mindsetting, couples are able to revamp their relationships and evolve together.

Pre Marriage/ Commitment Consultations

Because many couples coming together for the first time have no real understanding of what lies ahead for them, Directed Mindsets offers pre-relationship consultations to help them consider ways they can keep their relationship fresh and interesting.

We recommend a series of 12 sessions- 6 joint and 6 individual- over the 10 weeks leading up to a marriage or commitment ceremony.  And then on an as and when basis.

        To find out more please
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Directed Mindsets Approach To Relationships

        At Directed Mindsets we believe in finding ways to make relationships work.  As such separation, dissolution or divorce are only ever considered as an absolute last resort.  If you are looking for a way into a smooth separation, dissolution or divorce, then Directed Mindsets is probably not the place for for you. 

        Of course, sometimes, after a period of intense counselling, separation, dissolution or divorce are necessary for the evolutionary wellbeing of those within a relationship.  In such cases Directed Mindsets will help to keep the process as painless as possible.

        If your intent is to do what's necessary to save your relationship, then we would love to help you achieve that.     
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