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Stress Management

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        Just about everybody experiences stress at some point or another and that's OK. In fact, you would be quite a strange person to have never experienced some sort of stress in your life.

        People that suffer from stress most are those that strive to control the uncontrollable.  For senior managers and shop workers alike, entirely unachievable deadlines are the big killer: unrealistic sales targets, over extended work hours and job completion times are just a few of the reasons people site as causes of stress.

        The manual worker expected to carry out a 4 hour task in 2 hours is under as much stress as any senior manager attempting to do a 100 hour week in just 40 or 50 hours.  Both are attempting to control situations which are not realistically controllable. 
        Many people describe the stress response as an ancient response to fight or flight situations.  If it is true or not is absolutely irrelevant.  What matters is this, when you perceive yourself to be in control you produce entirely different chemicals in your brain from those that you produce when you believe your situation is outside your control.

        The key to stress management is recognising what is and is not within your own control set and dealing with it accordingly. 

        In recent times it has been necessary for many workers to deal with the stress related to possible lay offs or enforced redundancy.  Stress levels are always at their highest during the uncertainty period... "Will I be let go or not?" is the question that causes all the trouble because the answer is outside the control set of the questioner. 

        Once the answer is known, only then is it possible for the employee to make decisions about what to do next.

        Examine any situation that causes a stress reaction and at the root of the situation is a question about control.

        Directed Mindsets helps people to deal with stress by establishing their control management set and working on mental and physical strategies that will expand the set and deal with any nasty side effects they may be experiencing.

        A middle manager from a national chain of estate agents chose to use the Directed Mindset stress management strategy and reported back that he actually slept for more than four hours a night for the first time since the down turn hit.

        Even though the higher levels of management conceded that the national statistics concerning house sales were correct, i.e. house sales were in rapid decline, and mortgage lenders were not actually lending much money... particularly the big banks... he and his fellow managers were still expected to hit their pre crisis targets. 

        The unrealistic targets caused a severe lack of control in the man's work life and was destroying his confidence, which influenced his home life, and causing him considerable physiological challenges including sleeplessness, churning tummy, palpitations and an occasional nervous twitch.

        By redefining his internal control management set he took back control of his and his job.  In his last feedback session he reported that his area sales figures had improved, his home life was back on track and the physical symptoms had disappeared. 

        To find out how Directed Mindsets can help you with your stress management issues, please contact us.

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